The TASK-9 Professional Working and Service Dog Trainers (WSDT) Course is without question, the most comprehensive and advanced professional working and service dog trainer certification program in the world today. No other course gives participants such a complete education in virtually every facet of the working dog world.

The WSDT course is, in effect, a combination of virtually all of our training courses; from scent detection, obedience and technical skills, through to Law Enforcement, tracking and search roles. Successful graduates will not only receive full certification for the WSDT program but also additional qualifications / certifications for each of the specialist courses.

Our courses do not focus on training domestic obedience or dogs for competition. TASK-9 training is designed for the practical application of skill development for dogs employed in working and services roles, and those persons that are looking for the best education in dog training and behaviour modification available

Course instructors include some of the world’s leading experts on dog behaviour, breeding and training. You will also learn directly from highly experienced Law Enforcement and detection agency trainers, ensuring you get real time training, not just the theory!

In addition to extensive practical training with dogs, the program also covers detailed learning on psychology and behaviour, reinforcement theory, animal learning processes, welfare and canine care.

The TASK-9 WSDT Course can be conducted on a full or part-time basis. The total time commitment depends on your previous background and which training modules you choose to include.

The part-time program is structured to suit persons who are looking to complete the course around their work and other life commitments. It requires a minimum average of 10 hours per week, over a 2 – 3 year period (depending on RPL and modules selected). For example: 2 or 3 practical training sessions of approximately 3 hours each and 2 hours per week (on average) of home based learning; including videos, webinars and workbooks etc.)

There are also opportunities to do full time Block Training sessions over several days or weeks, if you choose to accelerate your course and/or accrue training hours. We also cater for interstate and international students who wish to attend in blocks (weeks or months at a time).

The full-time program runs annually.

Areas Covered on the TASK-9 Working and Service Dog Trainers Course

Canine Psychology and Behaviour
Training Fundamentals and Learning Processes
Advanced Obedience and Control
Technical & Complex Skill Training
Agility & Obstacle Training
Pup and Young Dog Development
K9 Search Operations
Tracking and Trailing
Search & Rescue
Scent Detection Handler
Scent Detection Trainer
E-Collar & Electronic Training
Security & Law Enforcement Handler (Elective module available to eligible students)
Security & Law Enforcement Trainer (Elective module available to eligible students)