Tracking & Trailing Course

This is the most comprehensive Tracking and Trailing course available in Australasia. It is on par with the worlds’ leading programs and covers virtually all facets of tracking and trailing from initial foundation work through to tracking on hard surfaces, in deserts and across obstacles.

The course teaches students all aspects of this specialist field including article search and indication, tracking in both rural and urban areas, tracking in adverse climates and problem-solving

This program is designed for the development of skills for dogs employed in working roles including Law Enforcement and security, search & rescue, military and those persons and organisations that require high levels of skill in a diverse range of situations and scenarios.

In addition to extensive practical training with dogs, the program also covers the fundamentals of canine psychology and behaviour, reinforcement theory, animal learning processes, and canine care and welfare.

TASK-9 also offer a specialist K9 Search & Rescue course. Many of the modules from this course are common to both courses.

The TASK-9 Tracking and Trailing course covers the following modules and subjects;

T9-PB3: Psychology and Canine Behaviour

Module Overview

Designed to develop student understanding of the learning principles and fundamentals of animal psychology, and the mechanisms of behaviour modification essential for professionals involved in dog training and development.

Further to this, it provides the student an understanding of how dogs see the world, communicate and are motivated; the foundation on which all effective and humane training is based.

The content of this module is consistent with psychology and learning modules taught at leading Colleges and Training Organisations offering animal learning, dog training and related courses

T9-GW3: Training Fundamentals

Module Overview

Teaches the basic principles, mechanisms and processes used in behaviour modification and training. The information is universal to all forms of dog training and the knowledge gained ensures the student follows an effective, humane and systematic approach to both training design and implementation  

T9-GW6: Behaviour Shaping and Skill Development

Module Overview

Focuses on the mechanisms of skill development and behaviour modification across all sectors of dog training. It covers a broad range of topics, designed to give the student an understanding of the methods and principles that are universal to all forms of dog training, including the optimal use of different types of rewards, reinforcement and corrective measures utilised in developing highly motivated reliable dogs, regardless of their roles and tasks.

T9-TS3: Principles of K9 Search Operations

Module Overview

In this module the student learns the protocols, procedures and fundamental mechanisms associated with K9 search and e operations. It covers the basic chemistry of scent and how it is affected by environment and other factors. Students are taught about K9 olfactory capabilities and how to assess and select suitable dogs for this highly specialised field 

T9-TS5: Field Tracking

Module Overview

Teaches all the fundamental methods and techniques used to develop competent, reliable tracking and trailing dogs. We cover everything from the how and why of laying the track through the correct way to introduce the dog and then on to more complex situations and indication of articles found along the track

T9-TS4: Varied Surface and Terrain Tracking

Module Overview

Continues on from the Field Tracking module and teaches the student how to train dogs to track and trail over various terrain and different surfaces. Knowing how to train a dog to work effectively in these environments requires significantly higher levels of knowledge and skill from the trainer and as such, this module develops a deeper understanding and capability that is achieved in conventional field tracking applications. 

T9-GW5: Canine Management and Care

Module Overview

Focuses on welfare, general care and management of dogs in all environments, including but not limited to; kennel, transportation, handling, and working / training environments. Covers general canine health and wellbeing with a focus on maintaining optimal physical and psychological condition.

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