K-9 Scent Detection Course

Course Overview

This program is designed to train personnel in the protocols, procedures and techniques utilised in conducting searches for various substances. This may ScentDetection6199sinclude narcotics, currency, explosives, accelerants, etc. (Video A)

The course utilises the latest methods and techniques and includes the selection / testing of suitable K-9s, problem solving and corrective measures. The course not only covers the operational processes involved in scent detection work, it also includes the teaching of dog psychology and behaviour modification techniques.

This program places significant emphasis on developing participant’s skills in handling operational detection dogs. (Video B)

Course participants will have the opportunity to work with a team of dogs being trained for operational roles in military and law enforcement sectors; they will handle and work with many different dogs, from young pups in their first stage of development, through to highly-trained operational detector dogs.

In addition to teaching the effective use of K-9s for scent detection, participants will be trained in appropriate and effective search procedures in a wide variety of applications.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a Certificate in K-9 Scent Detection Training.


ScentDetection19sThis course is not an entry level program and it is expected that participants have previous background and experience working with dogs; it may not necessarily be in the scent detection field, however participants must be familiar with handling and working with dogs.

In addition, a fundamental understanding of animal psychology, behaviour and learning theory is required.

Target Audience

Personnel involved with scent detection agencies including police, customs and quarantine.ScentDetection82s

Persons wishing to learn about or develop their career in K-9 operations.

Dog trainers who want to broaden their experience and knowledge base.

Course Structure

ScentDetection37sFull Time: 5 days
Total Hours: approx. 35 hours
All training is conducted at our professional indoor and outdoor training facilities.
Our venues are fully equipped with the latest technology, including full audio visual facilities and the latest in training equipment and resources.

Full kitchen conveniences and quality student amenities are all part of the service.

Materials & Course Content

Course manuals are included in the course fees and part of your required training is to complete practical handling assessments throughout the course, which AIDD_TrgWEBsensures you can not only train the dogs themselves but fully understand the how’s and why’s of what you are doing.

The following is a list of topics covered within the course. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Roles and tasks of the scent detection K-9
  • Dog psychology and behaviour
  • K-9 olfactory system
  • Analysis of scent/odour
  • Factors affecting scent work
  • Selection and testing of dogs
  • Search protocols and procedures
  • Operational safety and security
  • Pre-conditioning and development work
  • Obedience and control during searches
  • Target odour indication methods
  • Non-target odours
  • Conduct of operational searches

YoungDogOnTubreRackAsTotal Course Fees: $770
Non-refundable Deposit of 50% required on enrolment.

Payment Options

Non-refundable Deposit of $335 paid in full with enrolment application.

Course fees can be paid:
In full, no less than 7 days prior to course commencement.

Additional Information

For further course details and/or information about TASK-9, please email our administration at info@task9.com.au or go to our CONTACT US page.