Breeding Program

In addition to the sale of adult dogs, we have our own world class, working dog breeding program.

Not only do we source dogs from locations throughout Australia and internationally, we also have one of Australia’s most extensive puppy and young dog development program. Our pups are raised and developed, to achieve their optimum potential, as operational working dogs.

Our puppy development program is second to none; from day one, our highly skilled team helps our dogs progress through an extensive program of environmental enrichment and exposure to every imaginable sight, sound and touch, to ensure a stable and confident working adult once they’re out in the field.


The picture above depicts part of our training and development team conducting development and desensitisation exercises at our live fire gun range.

We thoroughly socialise our pups to people (including children), animals and many worldly encounters; strengthening social skills, broadening confidence and increasing overall tolerance toward varying situations.

We do not advocate the “set and forget” mentality, which results in pups achieving little, or no, training or development.

From the beginning, we cultivate the dog’s natural instincts through our complex drive building and skill development program.

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