Course Information


The program delivery is flexible and courses do not need to be conducted in one block. For example: a 5 day course could be conducted one day per week over 5 weeks or part time (e.g. multiple training sessions of a few hours over several months).

We can also provide 2 – 3 days of formal training at the commencement of the program to cover fundamental skills and knowledge, then ongoing follow-up training to develop the competency of your personnel over time.


    • All programs include high-quality audiovisual presentations, extensive training notes and video training material that course participants can use to develop their understanding and knowledge. In addition, participants receive ongoing and updated training and continued professional development through our online learning/information platforms
    • Successful participants will receive a professional certificate confirming their successful completion of the course
    • Although all courses are largely practical based, they also include instruction and video presentations on relevant K9 behaviour, communication and learning processes. All instruction and training is based on functional operational requirements, with a strong emphasis on OH & S in both the training and operational environment. All participants will have the opportunity to work multiple dogs and actively participate in practical training activities and exercises (these programs are not watch and learn courses). Personnel will be videoed during the practical training for review and educational purposes. Participants will be provided with a memory stick containing their videos
    • Participants are welcome to bring and develop their own dog during the courses (optional) regardless of age or experience. Dog boarding is available at our facilities at an additional fee
    • Courses can be delivered at our locations, with all facilities and suitable dogs provided for the training activities. We provide a range of dogs from novice to highly trained working dogs for participants to work with and train on. Full packages, including accommodation and transportation are available if required. Courses can also be delivered at external (your preferred) locations (nationally or internationally), provided suitable facilities and working dogs are available
    • TASK-9 offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) to suitably experienced and/or qualified individuals. If you have relevant qualifications and/or significant experience in a certain areas of K9 training, this will be mapped against the program competencies, acknowledged and recognised. RPL/RCC may significantly reduce both the time commitment and cost associated with our programs
    • TASK-9 assumes course participants have at least a basic understanding of K9 Operations and/or training. If this is not the case, we can provide preliminary training and/or materials to prepare personnel prior to attendance
    • Instructor development programs are available. These can be customised to individual/agency requirements
    • Due to the highly physical nature of the training, a reasonable level of physical fitness is required for all decoy training programs. TASK-9 may require participants to undergo fitness assessments from a heath/fitness professional prior to commencement
    • TASK-9 offer a comprehensive and diverse range of training programs, from short courses to extensive professional development programs, in virtually all fields of K9 operations and related
    • Course pricing is based on application and will be determined by the number of participants, location and specific requirements of your agency/organisation. Please contact us for further information or a quotation.