Decoy Master Course (DMC) 

This course has been designed for professional decoys wanting to refine and develop their knowledge and skills in this specialist field. This program has been developed for personnel who will be engaged in the development and training of dogs and handlers for Law Enforcement and/or Military roles in a broad spectrum of applications.

The Decoy Master Course is the most comprehensive and advanced professional decoy course available in the world today and has been designed specifically for personnel that require a high level of knowledge and skill.

The program also comprehensively covers OH & S considerations, functional exercise design and structured learning outcomes. This course is competency based and successful personnel will receive a certificate acknowledging those competencies and skill sets.

Note: Due to the advanced and intensive level of the DMC program, it is not recommended for personnel with no prior training/experience in the field.

Duration: 15 days; or 7 days for personnel who have successfully completed the Working Dog Development Decoy, Law Enforcement Operations Decoy AND the Tactical Operations Decoy programs.