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13 month old GSD


Max is in excellent condition and would make a great family guardian.
He is a sensational looking dog with a strong masculine head.
Max could also be trained as a working security patrol dog.
He is a very confident dog and great in a kennel and easily transportable in a dog crate.
He has some basic obedience training and shows strong protective behaviour.

Price $3500


Spartan is a 2-year-old entire male Mal X GSD that we imported from Europe last year. He is an extremely confident dog in all environments, including being solid under gunfire. We have done significant obedience and control work, including during bite work and other high drive activities. He shows excellent control in his down stay and will easily recall off the decoy.   Has very strong drives and is an extremely confident and strong biting dog. He is highly experienced on the bite suit and hidden equipment (hidden sleeve and hidden suit)   Despite this he is relatively easy to handle and shows no aggression whatsoever towards the handler.

We have commenced his training in both building and area searches and he is progressing well. He is extremely enthusiastic searcher and will confidently push through barricades.

He is fully desensitized to all transportation and being crated for extended periods. He is desensitized to wearing a muzzle. He shows little or no inclination to be dog aggressive.

Spartan is an extremely confident, highly driven and very enthusiastic dog. Spartan would be recommended for high level/tactical law enforcement applications or military.


FloydFloyd is a 2 year old, entire male Dutch Shepherd (pure black).

He has a significant background in training and is a high drive, energetic and very enthusiastic dog. He would certainly be suitable for somebody wanting a top class obedience dog and/or a dog for personal protection.


r2 soldRaptor is a 2 year old, entire male German Shepherd Dog (pure black).

He is a highly athletic medium – large dog with powerful body and head, emitting a strong presence.

He is sociable with humans and dogs, including other males.

He has very strong nerves and is not intimidated or nervous in any situation.

Raptor has been through our confidence and drive development program that includes everything from unusual surfaces, through to gunfire desensitisation.

He is good in the kennel environment, easily transported and handled, and in excellent physical condition. He has nice balanced drives and is very keen on tug-of-war games with tug or ball.

He bites the sleeve well for a young dog and shows strong defence when threatened.

Raptor would be ideal for a Law-Enforcement agency as a general purpose patrol dog. TASK-9 do not make this recommendation lightly. We will only recommend dogs for military or law enforcement applications when the dog demonstrates it has all the necessary physical and psychological capabilities to meet the role.

Raptor will be supplied with a health certificate and health guarantee. If sold to any government agency we will provide a full money back performance guarantee.

SOLD: $10,000


Arco is a medium sized, 2 year old, entire male Malinois (black and tan).

Very stable, social and easy to handle; would even suit a female handler.

Arco has intermediate obedience skills with a great recall.

His primary training has been for personal protection and as such, would be best suited as a family guardian or personal protection dog.


Frankie is a 2 year old desexed, female GSD (black and tan).

She is a medium sized dog with high ball and tug drive, very good obedience (intermediate to advance) and is very easy to train.

Frankie is very stable, affectionate and easy to live with.

She is social with other dogs of both sexes, as well as pups.

Frankie would suit as a family guardian or personal protection dog or with a budding dog trainer.