K9 Training Services


Tactical and Specialist K-9 primarily specialise in providing training for Law Enforcement, military, security, search & rescue and scent detection
related agencies or organisations.

We are also highly experienced in training dogs for specialist roles, beyond the scope of conventional training organisations.

We can train your dog or source and train a dog for you; for virtually any specialist application.

We do not offer a basic obedience training service, however obedience and control work is normally part of any training program we offer.

Dogs can be left with us for training or alternatively, we can work with you or your agency / organisation, in training your dogs, to your requirements.


We have multiple working locations and training facilities throughout Australia. These are used to cater for our broad range of services from search &
rescue applications, through to our breeding and puppy development program.

Several of our facilities are purpose-built and contain the latest technology and equipment, to cover all facets of the training process.

Whether training puppies, adolescents or adult dogs; from day one until deployment, our highly skilled training team work meticulously, focusing on your end goal, to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded.