Film & TV

Tactical and Specialist K-9 can provide dogs for virtually any TV or film application throughout Australia and beyond; no matter how unusual or difficult the required task, we can supply dogs for roles that others cannot.

“K9 policing” skills
(E.g. searching people / items / areas)

“Aggressive” dogs
(E.g. guarding / dog attack scenes)

Military Dogs

Complex Skills

TASK-9 team with Guy Pearce on the ‘’Jack Irish’’ set. 2015

TASK-9 team on set with Guy Pearce

The more complex and unique your requirements – the more likely we are to be your best option!

We have set minimum charge rates and while normally we would not be involved in basic roles, we will consider any role that involves specific training and / or complicated scenarios.

We can also provide wranglers and appropriate safety equipment to suit your needs.

For further information, CONTACT US with details of your needs.