Training Courses & Workshops


For over 20 years, our personnel have been providing instruction to other dog trainers and handlers; both within Australia and throughout the world.

We have trained hundreds of K-9 Law Enforcement / security handlers, detector dog teams and dog trainers from all fields.

We are constantly involved in the training and development of personnel and agencies, to improve their knowledge and performance.

As well as extensive experience in training dogs for many purposes, our Director is an internationally recognised expert on dog psychology and behaviour, who has been a keynote speaker at numerous seminars, conferences and trainer programs for over two decades.

Our training and education services range from short seminars, to comprehensive trainer courses.

In addition to offering our own expertly designed and administered training, we can also custom develop programs to suit your specific requirements.

Courses can be customised to cover your selection of the following areas:

  • Scent Detectiontracking
  • Law Enforcement and Military
  • Puppy Training
  • Security
  • Tracking & Trailing
  • Search & Rescue
  • Obedience Trainer